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Verification of legal address by tax authorities

The tax authorities check the legal address only when the taxpayer registers for VAT, otherwise the checks arise on other grounds.

Verification of the legal address does not apply to a tax audit.

It is impossible to foresee this audit, the Tax Code does not provide for the terms and procedure of the audit and, moreover, no one will inform you about the upcoming audit.

During an audit The tax authorities check whether the company is actually located at the specified address, most often looking for the director or his authorized representative.

In case the company and the manager are not at the legal address, and the tax authorities do not receive a timely explanation, certain consequences may occur, for example: seizure of bank accounts, blocking of the ESF, removal from VAT, and even forced liquidation of the LLP.

To avoid unpleasant consequences for your business, we recommend the following actions:

1. Install a sign with company name and contact phone number

2. Issue a power of attorney to another person in the absence of the director

3. Regularly check the mailbox in the building of the rented premises

4. Check the taxpayer's office every day for notices

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